Texdive Motorsports Competes @ Thunderhill

The Allison Legacy Race Series

Texdive Motorsports invited me to be a guest member of their crew this past weekend.  This was at the rural racing venue, Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle, TX.  There were a total of 9 specific racing events of 9 different classes.  The cars ranged from small, but aggressive shifter karts to NASCAR-like cars & trucks, with a variety in between.  It was a new experience for me & different than what I expected.

Thunderhill Raceway Promotional Racing posters

So, on Saturday I arrived by 4:15pm & had just missed the qualifying of the Allison Legacy cars class.  The Runco drivers, Cole & Lauren of Texdive Motorsports, were just rolling up for their post qualifying car weigh in.  The technical inspectors also verify the proper ride height of the cars.  Once inspected, these cars (there were 9 of them that qualified) were impounded until their race at 6pm.

Post qualifiying inspection of Cole Runco's Allison Legacy car of Texdive Motorsports at Thunderhill Raceway

Cole & Lauren qualified 1st & 6th, respectively.  After qualifying, they have a sort of lottery as to the actual starting position.  In the order of qualifying speed, the drivers pick a numbered chip out of a bag.  The number they pick becomes their actual starting position.  That sure was weird!  But it worked out fine for the the Runcos of Texdive Motorsports:  Cole got pole (1st) & Lauren got up a spot to start 5th!

Allison Legacy car teams await their turn for the Thunderhill Raceway qualifying 'lottery'!

So as you can fathom, getting ready to race at Thunderhill Raceway, means a bunch of hurry up & wait.

Racing Ready is very appreciative of the Runcos welcoming me into their inner circle.  I will continue more about the Texdive Motorsports racing experience in the next post…gotta go!


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