Texdive Motorsports Readying @ Thunderhill

Continuing from yesterday’s post, Texdive Motorsports Competes @ Thunderhill

Welcome to Thunderhill Raceway - Don't be late!

Since the first race (of the Allison Legacy cars) was not until 6pm, I wandered around the Thunderhill Raceway track grandstands and the pits.  This track is a D-shaped, asphalt paved, and has a distance of 3/8’s of a mile.  It is banked all around, about 10 degrees on the front & back straights & 23 degrees on the corners.

Thunderhill Raceway from GoogleMaps

Here’s a panorama shot taken from the point of view of turn #1.  Click to enlarge…

Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle, Texas - Overall Track Panorama

Here’s panorama shot of the occupied grandstands.  Also, click to see many fan details…

Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle, Texas - Grandstand panorama with fan details...

In case you are wondering how I met the Runcos of the Texdive Motorsport Team, they recently became an AMSOIL Dealer sponsored through me.  They are starting to use AMSOIL products.  Here’s a visual testament to that fact!

Texdive Motorsports Allison Legacy AMSOIL Racers, #56 & #19

In preparation for the Allison Legacy cars race event, the cars were lined up & the drivers prepped.  Here’s Cole getting ready to race in his car #19 with the help of his older brother PJ & another Texdive Motorsports Team member.

Prepping & strapping Cole into the Allison Legacy race car of Texdive Motorsports!

And of course, here’s Lauren being assisted & coached by Texdive Motorsports Team member Tom.  The guys coaching job is to help the drivers focus & do their best.  They are VERY supportive of the the Runcos job of racing!

Lauren getting ready to race in her Allison Legacy Texdive Motorsports race car #56, with Tom's coaching help!

The field is ready to race, following behind the Thunderhill Raceway Dodge Challenger pace car.

The Allison Legacy race cars in pace formation, awaiting the opening ceremonies...

The race coverage will follow in the next post here – stay tuned for more of Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) with the Texdive Motorsports Allison Legacy race cars!  Racing Ready is still working out the details of getting the some of the video I took processed.
It will be interesting…


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