Texdive Motorsports Racing @ Thunderhill

Okay, I know you’ve been waiting for it.  You want to see the Runcos actually do some racing!  If you’ll have just a little patience, this video shows the 9 Allison Legacy race cars impounded after post-qualifying inspection.  Also, Texdive is showing their AMSOIL Racing colors!

(Click on the lower right YouTube logo, you’ll see the video “non-squished”.)

During the race, all I did was record digital video (& learn more how to best record these events – it’s a work in progress).  Enjoy the ongoing commentary by Cole & Lauren’s Dad, Pete Runco.  He was on the radio with his kids!  You can also hear their Mom & Kali, Special Operations Coordinator.

This race was a challenge for both Cole & Lauren.  Cole finished 2nd & Lauren 7th.  As you saw in the videos, both cars suffered some contact.  The guys will be busy in the shop this week.  Here’s some of the minor carnage.  Most of the damage is aesthetic fiberglass.  Cole’s car #19’s air box for the radiator will need to be reworked.

Cole Runco's Texdive Motorsports car #19, radiator air box damage...

Lauren’s car #56 got hit hard & the J-bar (like a Panhard rod for the rear suspension) got whacked – it pushed the suspension out a good 1/2″, at least!

Lauren Runco's Texdive Motorsports car #56, rear suspension & body damage...

Post race, not unlike after qualifying, the cars were inspected.  The Technical inspectors can verify what they see fit to review.  After this race, they had the teams top 5 cars disassemble the cars’ rear axle assembly.

Post race disassembling the Texdive Motorsports car #19

Specifically, they took off the rear wheels & disk brake hubs, the rear axle half-shafts & the driveshaft.

Detail of the post race disassembling the rear axle of the Texdive Motorsports car #19

All were weighed & measured to make sure they did not deviate from the standards.  Pete Runco, Texdive Motorsports Team Manager (Cole’s & Lauren’s Dad) said, “I like good, thorough inspection!”  He was alluding to the fact that it keeps all the teams honest & that’s a good thing!

Race tech inspector measuring the Allison Legacy car #19 axle half shafts

After the post race inspection, the members put cars & equipment away.  I was able to get a good picture of the Runco Racers of Texdive Motorsports, Cole & Lauren.

Cole & Lauren Runco of Texdive Motorsports in the Thunderhill Raceway pits

We watched some of the other events.  I though watching the Mini Stocks racing was fun.  It was intriguing to see & hear the compact, FWD cars squealing their stock tires around the track’s banking.  More on that in a future post.

Both Texdive Motorsports Allison Legacy race cars loaded in the trailer - nice!

Racing Ready will follow up with more progress of the Texdive Motorsports Race Team as developments unfold.


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  1. Yea – the Runcos – crooked and scums who have come to Houston to practice their devious means of screwing people. The Runco’s place should be the jail. We need to to all we can to see that these people are kicked out of Houston. They use different business names to trap you one way or another. Names they are using now are Texdive, Kart Runco, PC Storage,Kart Racing, High Performance Rental and who knows what else. Stay away from Pete Runco or anybody associated to this dirt bag.

  2. Any one with information on the wearabouts of dickless wonder Pete Runco and his partner in crime Carole Scala please email

    Colin Murphy@ colinmurphy@irishnation.com or call (239)691-2451


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