Driving (Racing) Method In Mexico

Almost a year ago, I visited rural Mexico to attend a function with my wife’s family.  We’re now back for more, for another function & long weekend in my wife’s hometown in Mexico.

'Normal' Mexican traffic congestion...

Thirty years ago I learned to adapt to the Mexican style of driving, in Mexico City.  During that time I spent almost 3 years living in Mexico.  One of the cultural differences I embraced at the time was a “south-of-the-border” driving style.  I might even suggest it can assist you in being a more aggressive driver for racing.  But on the other hand, I’d give negative points for courtesy & common sense.

A common theme on the street of Mexico is that your car is “narrower” here.  That is, you and other drivers can seem to fit your car most anywhere.  You will find yourself on an on-ramp designed as 1 lane, with 2 parallel lanes of cars.    Now, this does NOT occur at anything close to parking lot speeds, but at any speed you care to be at.  A parallel phenomena is the mostly universal disregard for painted road lanes.  You go where you need (want) to, whatever gets you there faster & easier.  For example, on a 3 painted lane boulevard, you’ll find 4 or more lanes of traffic darting in and out…

'Topes' warning sign - pay attention when you see one of these!

One of Mexico’s answers to lack of lane respect are what they call “topes”.  These are round, cast metal speed bumps, about 6″ in diameter & about 4″ high.  They are used as strong suggestions of where you need to drive, or not.  These are not at all lame creatures if you hit them them at any speed above crawling.  Bang against or run over one of these once at speed & you’ll never do it again!

Metal 'topes' on a street in Mexico...

Racing Ready has been out of pocket for these past couple of days for much needed R & R.  But at the rate we’ve been going since we got here, I’m going to need to rest up once I get back to work this next week!


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