Uninspiring (Non-Racing) US Driving Method

I just arrived home from the airport, after a ho-hum drive in after work traffic .  Jeesh!  American driving is SO non-eventful.  It seems so VERY appliance-like, just going through the motions, navigating from point A to point B.

Appliance-like driving...so simple, a dog could do it!

After only 4 days of being driven around & riding in a variety Central Mexico traffic (which I don’t particularly prefer), coming back to driving in the States was a big let down.  It occurs to me that recent USA-sourced Formula 1 drivers never made the cut.  Could it be the lack of the daily need for competitive point A to point B driving?  Hmmm…

I guess I will have to go back & forth between both driving worlds (USA & Mexico) that I have experience in.  Some have told me that Mexican driving is lame, compared to that of Mumbai, India.  Some  of the stories I’ve heard about their driving is enough to make me quiver.

Mumbai, India - "normal" traffic congestion...

Racing Ready is back in the saddle (of the USA variety) again, moving forward about regional motorsports.  No more international driving/racing-inspired posts for awhile…


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  1. Come on out here to Boston (or anywhere in Northern Mass, for that matter) and see how tame you think American drivers are. It’s always fun and exciting out here.

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