Well-Sorted 1968 Corvette Makes AutoX Debut

My favorite guest blogger, Eric, just sent me a quick little article from the most recent SPOKES/SASCA autocross he attended & participated in from 2 weeks ago.  This is notable for 2 reasons:

  • This is a first time autocross experience for the owner, Kevin.
  • This is a NICELY restored/upgraded Corvette – very sweet!

I know, I may seem biased by profiling yet another Corvette racer, but Kevin’s 1968 convertible is so cool that it was worth the risk.  And since one of my previous cars was a 1976 L48 coupe, it also brought back some memories.

WOW, Kevin's upgraded 1968 Corvette looks SWEET!

His car is a lot more sorted out than mine ever was, as under the hood lives a new ZZ4 crate motor mated to a 4-speed transmission.  It certainly sounded the part, breathing through Hooker sidepipes which could cause quite the calf mark if you weren’t careful getting out!

This refreshed & updated 1968 Corvette engine bay is VERY inspiring!

The suspension was upgraded with heavy duty springs and shocks, and the car looked right sitting on later model aluminum rims and BFG tires.  The brakes had also been refreshed, an important consideration for any vehicle used in competition.

Kevin preparing to run his SO clean 1968 Corvette, on the autocross grid at the San Antonio Raceway.

This was Kevin’s first autocross experience, and the car was a real hoot to ride in.  Stepping out of his C3 and into my 2001 Z06 was like taking a 33 year trip through time.  Technology sure has come a long way, but this car was a great reminder of how cool older cars can be.  Don’t hide them away, come out and join the fun!

Racing Ready enjoys virtual autocross participation, but this Sunday, I’ll finally be “back in the saddle” with Karlino at the next SASCA autocross, after a 5 (!) month hiatus.  Hope to see you out there!


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  1. Thanks Eric and Dan! My times are getting better but when you finish DLF I suppose there is no place to go but up 🙂 On Sunday I finished 5th out of 15 novices in raw time but got PAX’d down to 11th. The only thing that keeps me from being a CS is the headers…taking advantage of the out-of-production rule that allows me to replace the motor with with a comparable motor.

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