She’s Ba-ack, Texas Comptroller Experiences F1

Okay, here’s the follow-up to the news that Texas State Comptroller, Susan Combs, visited a Formula 1 race (at Silverstone in England), on her own dime.  She was favorably impressed & looks to be pushing support for this event to happen!  Details/video are here!

Susan Combs, Texas State Comptroller, visiting Formula 1 garage facilities at the Silverstone race track venue!

Here are some teaser snippets from the article:

Texas Comptroller Checking Out Formula 1

When questioned about the environmental implications the Formula 1 track would pose on the Austin area, Combs said “I think you’re going to find that it’s green both physically with trees and grass and environmentally and I think you’re going to find that the way the vehicles are managed is environmentally friendly.”  “I think people will be very relieved when they get the details, I honestly do,” added the Comptroller.

… & more…

Next week, the Austin Formula 1 investor and the location of the track will be unveiled for the first time.  Ms. Combs says groundbreaking on the track somewhere in the Austin area will begin in December with a completion date scheduled for June of 2012.

Now this is a very encouraging news giving more traction to Formula 1 racing REALLY happening in Austin.  Racing Ready will continue to stay tuned; you do the same!


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