How Austin & Formula One Are the Right Match

Sondra Sondregger, a respected Austin-based autocrosser & HPDE (High Performance Driver Education) promoter, is very active & involved in the South/Central Texas motorsports community.  Sondra has even started her own HPDE endeavor, Velocity Adventures Texas.

Velocity Adventures - Don't Dream of Being Fast, BE FAST!

Sondra was interviewed on the radio (along with Eric Beverding of Harris Hill Road) a couple of weeks ago.  They discussed the pros & cons of Formula 1 coming to Austin.  Suffice it to say, like me, Sondra (& Eric) is VERY pro about this.

From all the information she had researched in preparing for this interview, she put together this recently published in the Austin Post.  It’s about why having Formula 1 come to Austin makes SO much sense!  Sondra provides a LOT of good data & thoroughly prepared information.  Well done!  Here’s just a teaser snippet – click here for the full article:

A lot of attention has been paid to all of the people who are opposing Formula One’s presence in Austin, but I am one of the many really excited about it. I really don’t have a dog in the fight and little to gain other than that I like Formula One, am thrilled that we have been honored to have been chosen as the location for such a prestigious event and track, and I think that this is a very good opportunity for Austin’s economy, both in the way of the immediate benefits and in the way of the more lasting benefits of business relocation…

Racing Ready can’t agree more.  We’ll continue to share more here as it becomes available!  Rumor has it that they’ll be announcing the track location this week – we shall see…


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