Austin Formula 1 Location & Investor Revealed

Formula 1 United States Coming to Austin 2012

Earlier today, Tavo Hellmund announced 3 important items to advance the progress of Formula 1 in Austin, Texas for June 2012 (the official press release is here):

  • Red McCombs support as the primary “mover & shaker” investor.
  • The proposed location to be SE of the Austin airport!
  • Formula 1 launched a new website, as well –

Sources say it will be on 900 acres that were originally slated to be the Wandering Creek real estate development, near Elroy in southeastern Travis County.  We’ll see if the accuracy of this bears out as true in the coming days.  Here’s a good location map I found:

Proposed site for Formula 1 Racing in Austin 2012

The priorities that Tavo & Red share for the 2012 Formula One initiative are as follows:

  1. Bring value and economic development to the state of Texas
  2. Create value for partners
  3. Make this one of the truly great sporting events in the world

Here’s a satellite image with all the important landmarks indicated – click to enlarge:

Satellite map of proposed site for Formula 1 Racing in Austin 2012

We shall see…  Racing Ready surely wants this to happen.  Okay, so what’s this track course layout going to be like?  More here as the news evolves…


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