AutoX Prospects At Austin Formula 1 Lot!

Yesterday, Sondra Sondregger was a guest at lunch with Tavo Hellmund & the Hill Country Region Porsche Club of America chapter.  One of the topics of discussion was the following (& I quote):

To answer everyone’s question:

Yes, I asked if there will be an autocross-suitable lot, and he indicated that there will be!

I specifically mentioned no trees, light poles, wheel stops, etc.

I think he gets it 🙂

That’s great prospective news for the enthusiasts of the SPOKES club.  It also shows that Tavo is open to great suggestions!

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Racing Ready continues to be anxious about the ever growing prospect of the actual happening of the US Formula 1 Grand Prix happening in June 2012!


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4 thoughts on “AutoX Prospects At Austin Formula 1 Lot!”

  1. Tavo didn’t take any suggestions, he just acknowledged that such a lot was already in the works, and was in fact needed by Kevin Schwantz’s motorcycle school.

    I’m guessing the rental will be pricey, Tavo admitted the track rental will be @ premium pricing to help defray the costs of the facility.

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