Preliminary Austin Formula 1 Track Details

Here’s a few more details about the preparations for the Austin Formula 1 track & design.  Final details are still pending…

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The proposed circuit will be located 20 miles from Austin on 900 acres of land.  Tavo Hellmund said recently that the layout will feature 20 corners spread over 3.2 miles of the “natural terrain road course.”

U.S. Grand Prix promoter Tavo Hellmund says that his yet-to-be constructed racetrack near Austin will accommodate up to 130,000 to 140,000 fans.   “It will be the biggest thing Austin has ever had,” Hellmund said.  He claimed that the track’s grandstands might accommodate 50,000 fans, while the rest of the attendees could enjoy the race from various open spaces around the facility.

Exactly when the race will take place remains unknown, but Hellmund assured his audience that it will not be held in the scorching-hot months of July or August.

Tavo revealed that the track will feature “four real passing zones.”

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As for the track’s construction time line–work is planned to begin in December–Peter Wahl, a director of the Hermann Tilke-owned circuit-design company, said that the project is doable in time for a race in 2012. “[The time issue] does not frighten us,” he said.

Racing Ready is waiting, as is the rest of racing fan community, for more details.  We’ll do our best to keep you in the loop!


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