Revealed, Austin Formula 1 Track Layout

Finally, some long awaited US Grand Prix Austin Formula 1 information we can really sink our teeth into.

US Grand Prix Austin Formula 1 speeding toward South-Central Texas!

It’s here – the 3D, Tilke computer design of the track layout
Click the image below for a detailed PDF…

US Grand Prix Austin Formula 1 Tilke 3D computer track design course layout

Tavo Hellmund provided some general PR quotes today in announcing the US Grand Prix Austin Formula 1 track layout & design:

In the modern era of Grand Prix racing, I think this track layout and topography will be very special. It will have many of the elements of previous ‘classic’ circuits combined with the benefits of FIA-mandated safety for the competitors and spectators alike. Add in the amenities fans have come to expect, like rare, multiple-turn viewing opportunities for added value, and you have an ideal, world-class venue.

For the competitors, we’ll have all the ingredients necessary. You’ll see fast turns that require commitment from the drivers and technical turns that will test the engineers from a set-up point of view. We have a good deal of elevation to make it not only scenic but challenging also, and the view of downtown Austin is wonderful as well.

Here’s some good, hard & fast track specifications:

  • Taking advantage of the local topography, the track will have 133′ of elevations changes
  • The track length will be 3.4 miles, & can be divided into 2 separate tracks for different events
  • Top speed is calculated to be up to 200mph
  • There will be 20 turns, of every variety, with both uphill & downhill approaches
  • The track is designed to run counter-clockwise
  • And finally, something to counter some of the monotony of current F1 races: three “ideal” overtaking places…it would be great to see some real passing in the Formula 1 series again!

We shall see…!  Here’s a “10,000 foot view” rendering to give us a general idea of some more details of the layout. Click on the image below & you’ll be directed to a much higher quality, detailed PDF image!  You will even be able to see the correct racing line through the corners…

US Grand Prix Austin Formula 1 track design overvew - a "bird's eye" view...

Racing Ready is pleased to see these details finally revealed.  It has been stated that the graders should start breaking ground this coming December.  I think a series of pilgrimages should be organized & started up.  Who’s up for a road trip?


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