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I just tripped across this on Facebook – I’m sure it would be of interest to many.
This is being put on by the Texas A & M Sports Car Club – Aggie Autocrossing!

Offensive Driving School 101 (OD101)
Next weekend, September 11th we will hold our FREE! OD101 Novice school, and our first Autocross of the new year the next day on September 12th!
OD101 (Saturday 9/11)

New to Autocross? Then our semesterly Offensive Driving school is for you!  The best part?  It’s FREE! It’s a great way to kickoff your Autocross habit, learn plenty of valuable performance driving techniques, car control skills, and do things with your car that you thought were never possible.  Come enjoy the opportunity to find the limits of your car in a safe, legal environment!

This free event will consist of a short classroom session (9:00am), a walk through of the course, a brief tech inspection of all cars, and ride-alongs with our drivers through our practice course.  Once you are cleared by an instructor, you are free to make as many runs as you want for the rest of the day… (WOW!)

You are free to leave whenever you want, but expect to stay until around 12:30-1:00.  The unlimited runs will probably last until about 2:30 pm.

When: 9:00am, Saturday, September 11th
Where: Riverside Campus

There is no registration required for OD101.  You are only required to show up and pass through the front gates by 9:00am.

The Riverside Campus gates will be open from 8:30 to 9:00am.  The classroom session will start as soon as the gates close (9:00am).

For experienced drivers wanting to come to the free practice the front gates will be open from 11am to 12:30pm.  We would like to keep the early session for beginners/novices only.  We will shut down and start setting up for the Sunday Auto-X at 3pm.

There will be a caravan from Lot 51 next to the Zachry building on campus.  Get there around 8:30.  The caravan leaves at 8:45 SHARP.

First time at a TAMSCC Event?  Please review the following links:

Maps to/of our event site:

Our required insurance form (.pdf file ~ 175k):

Racing Ready would almost go to this, but a 3 hour (!) drive to, & then from College Station, TX, plus my part-time job commitment in the late afternoon nulls & voids this cool opportunity.  Hope some of you can attend & let us know what you learned!


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