Spokes Post Divisional Autocross – Challenging!

Two weeks ago this message came across my Facebook page & I include my response:

Eric: Hey Dan, are you running spokes this weekend? If not, want a guest blogger? 😉

Dan: Nope, no SPOKES for me…
I would greatly appreciate your guest blogging!
Feel free to contribute what you like – it WILL get posted.

Eric: Woo hoo, you got it!

So here’s Eric’s latest guest blogger post.  Let me be the first to congratulate his upgrade to Contributing Blogger:

This past Sunday, I participated in the SPOKES autocross #9 at San Antonio Raceway. As Jerry was out of town for the weekend, I took his seat at the registration computer, a place I am familiar with since that is my typical morning seat with SASCA. As the first event post-nationals, there was no surprise that fewer than 80 participants pre-registered, and with the drizzles that morning, our final tally was 80 competitors.

Eric's autocrossing Corvette, Sunshine

Andy was our coursemaster, and he designed a tight and technical course befitting someone with years of national level competition experience. And of course, Super Stock drew the short straw and we were out with the first run group, drying off the line for everyone else. Ray and Peter were there with their familiar silver Lotus Elise, while as a Vin and Venkatesh arrived with this black beast:

The menacing Vitek Viper autocross debut!

They had purchased the car just a week ago and this would be their first time ever competing in a Viper, but equipped with Koni shocks and massive Hoosiers measuring 335/30 in the front and 345/30 in the rear, it would prove to be a force to reckon with.

There's some serious traction meat under that Vitek Viper!

Meanwhile, as you can see in the following video, I was busy overdriving. My “look” at the course from walking and from behind the wheel proved to be very different, and I managed to cone every single morning run, with this 57.5 being the best I could muster.

Vitek, meanwhile, was much smoother and more consistent. Though most of you know him as a Subaru wielding STU competitor, he has plenty of experience in other machinery as well, including a CP Camaro. His best run is the 55.9 seen below.

The course was dryer in the afternoon and I continued to work on my line, thanks to some advice from my co-driver. I finally got a clean run of 56.6, but halfway through the session my right front tire, with 70+ runs on it, started to cord!

A corded Hoosier - OUCH!  But it did go 70 runs...

Vitek graciously backed out of his last two runs (though not before an epic spin that sent several corner workers running for cover) and I managed to stick a much faster, but dirty, 55.3. Then, just as I thought I had the course somewhat figured out, I stepped in a puddle before climbing in for my final run and the water caused my foot to slip off the ZO6’s aluminum brake pedal as I was entering the first corner. I took out half a cone wall, and with frustration mounting on frustration, my day was done.

Remember what I said about the Viper being a force to reckon with? Take a look at this snippet from the raw times sheet, and notice how the only car above the Viper is a tube-framed, custom built modified car, also co-driven by my co-driver. (Click to enlarge)

AXWare Raw Times & Positions snippet - SPOKES Autocross 19-OCT-2010

See y’all next week at the SASCA registration desk!

Racing Ready always appreciates the contributions of informed others, like Eric.
Thanks again!


P.S. – I will be Eventmaster at the upcoming SASCA Autocross, this coming Sunday, 26-SEP-2010!

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