SASCA 2010 AutoX #9, Both Technical & Fun

It was a good autocross day, with only 71 competitors.  It had been about 6 weeks since our last SASCA autocross!  It seemed SO long ago since I plied an autocross venue.

2010 SASCA Autocross #9 - Morning grid

My runs in Karlino weren’t the best (on this course I designed as Eventmaster), but I got a LOT of great help from regular Club attendees & others.  Specifically I want to thank (in assistance order) Lee, Federico, Hubert & Ricky!  Thanks a LOT guys.  ;-D

Karlino at rest, in anticipation of pending autocross runs...

It is normal for the course layout to evolve when going from 2D to 3D, from paper to reality.  Unfortunately, the Northside Independent School District (who owns the lot we use) had placed a number of sawhorse barricades blocking off a key corner, on the last portion of the course.  So, the last third of the course was not as you see below.  We all pitched in to create it right then & there.  Also, we scrapped both optional slaloms.  It was busy enough without those additional choices.

2010 SASCA #9 Course map draft, 9-SEP-2010

One of my goals with this course was to use as much of the lot available, to maximize time out on course & have people work through the details, to get through it.  It seems everyone found it both challenging & actually fun.  The reaction of what the course seemed like as viewed via a walk-through, versus at speed was distinct.  Even though I had gone over the course a few times at 7/10’s with Federico, I was still caught out & DNF’d my fourth run (out of 7).  Here’s the series of skids toward the end of the long back straight kinks (Click to enlarge):

Run #4 DNF skid marks - 2010 SASCA AutoX #9

After lunch, before we started our second heat, I noted that the course really did have a LOT of cones out there.  Here’s a variety of pix to give you an idea…

Cone field - Blossom parking lot (2010 SASCA AutoX #9)

Back straight chicanes & more lot angle-tilt proof! (2010 SASCA AutoX #9)

SO many cones...the lead up to the finish. Yes, that is the tilt of this lot! (2010 SASCA AutoX #9)

Everyone enjoyed the cooler 84 degree weather & nice steady breeze.   But, even with the cooler weather, tires are still known to heat up.  Before my last run, I felt the heat of my tires & thought, “Why not!”  I asked Eric, my contributing blogger & autocross friend, if I could borrow his water sprayer.  I sprayed down my tires quite a bit & they cooled off significantly.  I was surprised as to how it improved the handling of my street tires.   Karlino felt more solid & I was in better control!  Also, it was my best & fastest run!

My CS times, showing steady improvement after DNF run #4! (2010 SASCA AutoX #9)

Racing Ready is satisfied with the role played as Eventmaster today.  In addition, no one dropped any oil, nor did any vehicle catch fire during the competition.  One of each of these mishaps occurred at the first 2 events I was Eventmaster (February 2010 & August 2009).

We’ll see you out there this coming October 10th, 2010 for the next event!


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