Where’s The Best Seat For Austin F1 USGP?

Recently, track designer Peter Wahl (who is a manager partner of Tilke, the company designing the USGP Austin track), suggested where the best spot is to sit for watching & best experiencing the Austin Formula 1 experience.  In the grandstands, in what many refer to the Hockenheim section, you get the view of cars roaring down the straight, then hard on the brakes & through a series of curves.

Here’s a picture of the actual Hockenheim arena section of the track in Germany.

Hockenheim Arena - track view

Below is Mr. Wahl pointing out the ideal seating location on the 3D model of the Austin’s proposed 3.4 mile USGP Formula 1 track.

Designer Wahl picks best seat in the F1 house, for the Austin USGP

Here’s a bird’s eye view, from the track another detail, giving you a better idea of the sight lines and the area, with a different perspective.

'The Spot' to watch the USGP Austin Formula 1 Race!

Racing Ready continues to be on the lookout for these Austin USGP “gems” of information.  This will be exciting for the Texas Racing Community!


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4 thoughts on “Where’s The Best Seat For Austin F1 USGP?”

  1. This is fantastic news! We are so very excited for Formula 1 to return to America and at such a fantastic track. I speak on behalf of the 7,000+ followers of the largest F1 Austin Facebook Fan page, http://www.facebook.com/F1Austin , that this track can not be hoped fast enough! As well, most of us have already picked out where we plan to sit

    Words can’t express the enthusiasm of our fans for this outstanding race track.

    F1 Austin

  2. If you support Formula 1 returning to the US, join “Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas” on Facebook and Linkedin.com
    Great commentary, pictures and anything related to the new circuit in Austin Texas.

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