AutoX Competitiveness, Eric’s Striving Saga

Once again, Eric, my Contributing Blogger Extraordinaire came through with a great review of the SPOKES/SASCA Autocross Co-Event, which took place last Sunday, November 14th, 2010.  I continue to enjoy Eric’s literary style – I’m sure you will, too.

This past Sunday, I participated in the SASCA/Spokes combined autocross at San Antonio Raceway.  As you can see from the picture of the driver’s meeting, it was fairly cold by Texas standards, starting off in the forties and only climbing into the mid-50s as the day went on.

Brisk drivers meeting, the start of the SPOKES/SASCA 11/2010 AutoX...

Of course, with me being me, I forgot to bring a jacket and spent most of the event rubbing my arms together to keep them warm.  And, of course, I remembered to bring my tire sprayer!  It’s a necessity at most autocrosses down here, but went unused this month.

As usual, my main competition in Super Stock was Peter in his father Ray’s silver Lotus Elise.  As his car was on Toyo R888s and mine was on some old RA1s, I figured the cars were a decent match.

Peter's Lotus Elise, on grid at the SPOKES/SASCA 11/2010 AutoX

But what I wasn’t counting on was the cold affecting my traction that much.  It felt like there was a decent amount of grip out there, but every attempt I made at using my car’s last tenth was rewarded with a boggle or a push through a cone.  Or a spin, as it were in two instances.  Thus, Peter would end up owning me by almost two full seconds.

It wasn’t just me getting chilled by the weather, as you can see from this picture of Tom’s Z car with its own jacket, attempting to keep some heat in the front tires.

Tom's Z car, trying to keep warmth in its tires at the SPOKES/SASCA AutoX Co-Event.

While it wasn’t much of a competition for me, at least I got to give some newbies rides and enjoy the varied machinery that fills the grid of a Spokes or SASCA event, including this beautiful yellow Porsche.

Subtly sweet, golden yellow Porsche coupe at the November 2010, SPOKES/SASCA AutoX Co-Event

One of my passengers even claimed that my car was the most fun ride he’d had at the event.

Eric's ride, Sunshine, his Corvette - on grid at the SPOKES/SASCA AutoX event of 11/2010

Oh well, it’s time for me to hit the tire shop and the alignment rack to see if I can provide that Lotus with something to run against next month.  If I finish second to Peter again, and my math is right, I believe we’ll tie for points and he’ll get the class win for the season because he has more wins.  Anyway, thanks again to Dan for letting me blog in his place, and hopefully he won’t party so late that he can’t make our last event of the year!

Thanks again Eric!  And yes, I DO plan on participating as a competing participant of the next SASCA/SPOKES Autocross Co-Event.  Karlino, Racing Ready & Ready Oil will all be there!  This event will take place at the Blossom Athletic Center parking lot, on Sunday, December 5th, 2010.  We’ll see you there!


My Special AMSOIL Project &

You may have noticed the dearth of blog posts these past few months.  I have been spending my energies on an AMSOIL marketing campaign & a second (part-time) job.  This is a good thing, that will eventually help to improve the automotive & motorsports community, as well as my family with added benefits later.

AMSOIL - The First In Synthetics

So, what is this marketing campaign?  Last year I became an Independent AMSOIL Dealer.  I made the effort to become a T-1 Certified Dealer with additional training.  This further knowledge has helped me better explain the  benefits of AMSOIL to prospects & clients.  But until this summer, my business had been slow to expand.

Recently, in cooperation with my AMSOIL upline sponsor & mentor, Mike Westwood, I am calling on Automotive Performance Shops in the San Antonio, TX area.  Although I’m months into this project, I am finding a large & viable auto enthusiast community.  This is just with talking to a small number of businesses – I’m only barely scraping the surface, so far.  I can’t wait to find out what more businesses are doing in this area of commerce that deals with automotive repair & performance modification.

AMSOIL Business Card for

Generally, all of the shop owners I’ve been granted the chance to visit are good, honest, salt of the earth, hard workers.  They are in business for the long haul & value good customer service.  Many have had some prior knowledge or past use of AMSOIL products – all stating those experiences as good.  Those that I’ve been able to discuss pricing with are pleasantly surprised at the fair & good pricing AMSOIL offers.

Move Up To AMSOIL - Visit

This is a long term project that will take it’s time to grow.  But like anything well-built, I am establishing a good foundation for future growth.

For those of you interested in the benefits of AMSOIL products, here they are:

  • you save money & get a discount at the gas pump
  • you improve your vehicle’s performance
  • you make our earth a better place for our children & our grandchildren

I’ll be happy to assist you with these and other areas that will help your wallet, the care & performance of your vehicle, & being a steward of our environment – all these by using AMSOIL products.  Go ahead – contact me at

I am also excited to announce my new, AMSOIL-branded site:

Racing Ready continues to work on other amateur motorsports projects for your reading & research pleasure.  Stay tuned & thanks for your readership & synthetic motor oil & other lubricants consideration!


If it has moving parts... it needs lubrication! - AMSOIL, the Original Synthetic Motor Oil