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You may have noticed the dearth of blog posts these past few months.  I have been spending my energies on an AMSOIL marketing campaign & a second (part-time) job.  This is a good thing, that will eventually help to improve the automotive & motorsports community, as well as my family with added benefits later.

AMSOIL - The First In Synthetics

So, what is this marketing campaign?  Last year I became an Independent AMSOIL Dealer.  I made the effort to become a T-1 Certified Dealer with additional training.  This further knowledge has helped me better explain the  benefits of AMSOIL to prospects & clients.  But until this summer, my business had been slow to expand.

Recently, in cooperation with my AMSOIL upline sponsor & mentor, Mike Westwood, I am calling on Automotive Performance Shops in the San Antonio, TX area.  Although I’m months into this project, I am finding a large & viable auto enthusiast community.  This is just with talking to a small number of businesses – I’m only barely scraping the surface, so far.  I can’t wait to find out what more businesses are doing in this area of commerce that deals with automotive repair & performance modification.

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Generally, all of the shop owners I’ve been granted the chance to visit are good, honest, salt of the earth, hard workers.  They are in business for the long haul & value good customer service.  Many have had some prior knowledge or past use of AMSOIL products – all stating those experiences as good.  Those that I’ve been able to discuss pricing with are pleasantly surprised at the fair & good pricing AMSOIL offers.

Move Up To AMSOIL - Visit

This is a long term project that will take it’s time to grow.  But like anything well-built, I am establishing a good foundation for future growth.

For those of you interested in the benefits of AMSOIL products, here they are:

  • you save money & get a discount at the gas pump
  • you improve your vehicle’s performance
  • you make our earth a better place for our children & our grandchildren

I’ll be happy to assist you with these and other areas that will help your wallet, the care & performance of your vehicle, & being a steward of our environment – all these by using AMSOIL products.  Go ahead – contact me at

I am also excited to announce my new, AMSOIL-branded site:

Racing Ready continues to work on other amateur motorsports projects for your reading & research pleasure.  Stay tuned & thanks for your readership & synthetic motor oil & other lubricants consideration!


If it has moving parts... it needs lubrication! - AMSOIL, the Original Synthetic Motor Oil

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