Circa 1973 SAAB Sonett Willingly Autocrosses

At the 2010  SASCA Autocross #9 (on 26-SEP-2010), I saw a vintage 1973 SAAB Sonett III.  This car was not parking on site as a poser, but as a willing participant to be flogged & enjoyed by its owner, Chuck.

Chucks SAAB Sonett, carving an autocross corner...

  • It’s actually compilation of parts from SAAB Sonetts of 1971, 1972 & 1973.

Chuck's SAAB Sonett is ready & waiting...

  • Also. this vintage SAAB has a vintage SCCA “package”,  from a 1983 combination of suspension parts that was popular at the time.

Chuck's SAAB Sonett, haunched up & anxious to go!

  • The car is clean & pretty stock, as shown by the cockpit interior.

Chuck's SAAB Sonett,a "just the essentials" cockpit...

  • Chuck loves his car & calls it a “Franken-SAAB” – it even has stitches on a front fender!

Chuck's "Franken-SAAB" Sonett, complete with stitches!

  • This is Chuck’s first time competing at autocross.  He said he’s never worn a helmet in this car – just bought one  day prior to this event!

Chuck, ready to pilot his SAAB Sonett steed!

  • Bottom line – Chuck had fun & that’s the point of autocross for most of us…

Here's the willing SAAB Sonett V4, some call a 'sewing machine' motor!

Racing Ready continues to enjoy seeing older vehicles being put through their still competitive paces.


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  1. That’s a sweet 1973 SAAB! I love the classic lines its got and it also was made with combined parts! They seem to be reliable and not needing many repairs. Very cool, keep up the good work and enjoy your fine automobile!

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