Groundbreaking News @ Austin USGP Site

Well, Tavo Hellmund stated that breaking ground & grading would have to start in December 2010.  This date is important to meet the deadlines necessary to complete the track & facility, with the race anticipated to be scheduled for June of 2012.  Here’s visual proof from this past Thursday, 30-DEC-2010!

Grading vehicles on Austin F1 USGP site.  Photo courtesy 0f AutoWeek.

This is more good news in the commencing progress of this world class project.  Having personally visited the site, this small group of vehicles is just a minuscule beginning.  Know that this is a grand project.  This is so based on the data & images that have been made known, thus far.

US Grand Prix Austin Formula 1 track design overvew - a "bird's eye" view...

Here are some of those details I had revealed prior:
Revealed, Austin Formula 1 Track Layout

Some say everything is bigger in Texas.  I’m sure this project will surely bear this out.  Racing Ready continues to keep these Austin F1 USGP snippets continuing!


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  1. There is already a racing simulator in the works for this track…we’ll be able to preview it before it’s even completed.

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