AMSOIL Monster Truck – Shocks & Entertains

Having been an Independent AMSOIL Dealer for a little over 1 year, I’ve come to appreciate the effective methods employed to promote the AMSOIL message:

  • improved performance
  • economics of cost maintenance
  • environmental responsibility

In addition, they really like to have fun in their sponsorship opportunities.  AMSOIL is involved in many types of racing series & here’s a new one – MONSTER TRUCKS!

Here’s the AMSOIL Shock Therapy Monster Truck!

AMSOIL Monster Truck - AMSOIL Shock Therapy

That’s quite the amount of air that Chevy Monster Truck is getting in the photo above!  This was from the Advanced AutoParts Monster Jam.  This took place in Detroit on January 8th, 2011.  Visit: AMSOIL Monster Trucks – Sudden Impact – you’ll learn SO much more of this showcasing opportunity of entertainment from AMSOIL!

Check out this video – it’s fun stuff:

Racing Ready suggests you consider the serious benefits gained by using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants:

  • save money at the gas pump/economics of cost maintenance
  • improved MPG & engine performance
  • environmental responsibility/enjoy a healthier environment
  • reduce our reliance on foreign oil

By the way, AMSOIL Shock Therapy is an actual product…

AMSOIL Shock Therapy - Performance Suspension Fluid

Please contact me for more AMSOIL details: #210-884-0244 /


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