Icy Driving to Work Travails!

You can’t say I didn’t try!

Karlino returns to frozen hibernation...

I knew the driving conditions were going to be sub-optimal, this Friday morning, for driving into work.  San Antonio got a general covering of sleety/rainy ice last night, followed by a 1/4″ covering of dry, crisp snow.  I got up and prepared to leave the house about 30 minutes earlier than usual.  Last night I had taken the precaution to cover both the windshield & rear window of Karlino.  After letting my car warm up for 15 minutes, while I ate my breakfast accompanied by the Weather Channel, Karlino was nicely warmed up & the windows were very clear.

Karlino chilly fender...

The roads?  They were another matter.  There was a dusting of dry, crunchy snow over about 1/8″ of glare ice.  I decided to drive in to work, albeit, very slowly & on the secondary roads.  In second gear on the flat areas, it was slow going but passably okay.  But if there was a hill, it got scary.  It was not just the loss of traction of my car, but watching out for the other drivers sliding across the road.  Pumping the brakes actually did work, but you had to be patient.

Karlino icy tracks - BRRR!

After about 15 minutes of this tension-filled driving, I had only gone about 3 miles.  Then I got a call from my boss saying we don’t need to report into work till midday.  I was somewhat relieved, but then realized I had to return back home.  I did so, slowly & carefully…

Karlino frozen frustration...

It was then when I decided to take these pix & report the lacking of driving conditions this morning.  Be careful out there South/Central Texas.  Racing Ready is waiting this one out!


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