SASCA Retama Park Autocross (Re)Debut

Retama Park entry - New SASCA 2011 autocross venue!

Yesterday was the SASCA 2011 Autocross #2.  We debuted our new venue, Retama Park.  It was new to most of us, but SASCA has autocrossed there a few years ago.  You can still see former track tire wear marks from Google Maps.

Retama Park - parking lot with former autocross course track tracings...

We had decent weather & a great turnout – the were 105 registered competitors.  Although it had rained almost all the previous day, after some clouds & breeze, it got sunny & into the 70’s.  Perfect autocross weather!

SASCA Retama 2011 AutoX #2 - Perfect autocross weather...

Yes, that’s a 2011 Honda CRZ, returning in the photo above.  I rode along in this hybrid car while in Sport mode.  I (& others) was favorably impressed.  It tracked very well!

SASCA Retama 2011 AutoX#2 - race pits on the morning...

Retama Park is a horse track & the lot we used was right next to their horse barns.  The horses didn’t seem to mind the noise of us autocross competitors pushing our machines to our 2nd gear limits.

Race horses at Retama Park stables, hardly interested in autocross...

The age/experience level of today’s autocrossers ran the gamet – from the not yet 20 year old novices, to autocross veterans coming back to the sport – now in their 60-somethings (& for their third stint back into it).  This is a sport for both young & old alike!

SASCA Retama 2011 AutoX#2 - nice vehicle assortment on the grid!

This was my first time on this track surface.   It is very different from that of the Blossom Athletic Center parking lot.  The Blossom lot is a sealed asphalt surface from a few years ago.  It’s grip is less than inspiring & forget about traction in the wet!  Retama’s surface is a nicely aged asphalt surface,  with minimum imperfections & a pleasantly surprising amount of grip.  We had 6 runs each today.  I’d say it took me the first 3 runs to realize I could push my car further than I had experienced at the Blossom lot.  Final results here!

Chris posted up this very well-done video showing both his & co-driver Vivek’s autocross runs.  This was in Chris’ Honda S2000.  This is truly an impressive method to see where time can be saved during an autocross run!!!

This was a good autocross.  Vivek designed a challenging, but fun course.

SASCA banner & cones by the timing trailer

We will be back at Retama Park in March, on Sunday the 6th.  Racing Ready hopes you can make it out there, either as a competitor, or at least as a spectator.  Fantastic loaner helmets are available…

The eclectic SASCA assortment of loaner helmets - truely unique!

As part of full disclosure, unfortunately I will not be able to attend.  I will be working the SAXET Gun Show, promoting my AMSOIL business as a vendor.


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