Discount Tire Seized The Opportunity

Last week I had Karlino‘s tires rotated & balanced.  I do this every 3000+ miles at Discount Tires as this is a free service they provide.  Why so often?  Well, due to my spirited daily driving & monthly autocrossing, I want the tires to wear evenly.

Karlino raised up for tire rotation & balance at Discount Tire...

During the course of this tire rotation event, one of the left front lug nuts was frozen stuck.  It had seized up.  In order to remove the tire for the needed rotate/balance, they had to shear off the nut.  After all the other tires were taken care of, the Discount Tire Manager directed me to where I could get the part (at O’Reilly’s) & where to get the stud replaced (Midas) for no charge.

Sheared Mazda Miata wheel stud & "occupied" lug nut!

With my car in a drivable state, but with 1 bolt missing on the left front wheel, I slowly drove to the O’Reilly’s warehouse store & purchased the appropriate parts (wheel stud & lug nut).  Then again I  slowly drove to the Midas shop where they fixed it in 1/2 hour (paid for by Discount Tire).

Then I returned back to Discount Tire & got reimbursed for the parts – no questions asked.  All this was done & set me back about 1 & 1/2 hours for the day, but that was okay.  Racing Ready will continue to whole-heartedly recommend using the services of Discount Tire.


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