2011 SCCA Houston Solo Tour – Cone Carnage


As we await Eric’s next & final blogged 2011 SCCA Houston Solo National Tour report, we pause for a moment of silence.  As is the case at all Solo/autocross events, there is always the silent victim, the lowly, but oh SO necessary orange rubber traffic cone.

SCCA Houston Solo Tour Official Cone, courtesy of Jimmy Crawford (FB)

I understand this SCCA Solo National Tour event in Houston suffered it’s appropriate toll of cone carnage.  Unlike local autocross events, these cones are given a bit of special recognition.  Each cone & its associated marked location box are given a number.  If & when a cone is knocked over or hit out of this box, it is logged in the SCCA run report for that driver.  In this way, there is no confusion as to what cone was hit & where.

Autocross cone confusion... ya think !?!

Racing Ready has had the opportunity to hit the errant cone, from time to time.  It’s a major bummer, notwithstanding the 2 second penalty for each sacrificed cone.

Looks like this cone got what it really deserved...


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