Senna Documentary, SWSX Premiere in Austin

As part of the escalating, winding up promotion and awareness-making of the Formula1 Austin USGP, the SXSW venue was the US debut of the documentary film, Senna.

Senna - a continuous burning passion for racing, & for life!

After seventeen years, the documentary about Ayrton Senna’s life was finally shown. On Jan 28, 2011, Senna originally debuted to the crowds at the Sundance Film Festival.  Last week the new, award winning documentary, Senna, had its US debut at SXSW in Austin, TX.  This film is composed entirely of his vintage footage at speed, & at another speed the world is little aware of – his altruistic side, giving back to his countrymen.

Senna...looking back...

Here’s my favorite image of Senna’s driving ability, called “Where Senna Dares”.

Where Senna Dares

Here’s Aryton Senna seriously at speed racing in the rain at Donington Park F1, a race in 1993.  It’s breathtaking footage showing the driving talent he was capable of!

SXSW is a public forum for the display & release of music, film & other media, every year in Austin, TX.  It’s quite the event, they say…

SXSW logo

Here’s the the trailer for “Ayrton Senna – The Movie [International Trailer]”…

To add fuel to the fire that will be the Formula1 Austin USGP, Formula1 Team Williams loaned their 2011 Williams-Cosworth FW33 race car for promotional display at the SXSW Formula1 reception.  Here’s their official photo…

F1 Williams Race Car Austin - Official Senna SXSW Promational Photo

But I like these Formula1 SXSW Reception pictures much better of my race-enthusiasts friends, Sondra & Jack (Photos by Art Nunes).

Sondra & Jack at Senna SXSW film debut


Sondra, Jack & friend at Senna SXSW film debut

Seeing my two friends really helps to personalize this event.  It makes it more real that this forthcoming race venue & event is really progressing towards occurrence.  But, we must all take time out & think about…

Senna in a rare moment of peaceful reflection...

Racing Ready is reflecting about being a small part of this big picture! The next post you will read here will be special – it’s about brand new, hot Formula1 Austin USGP race track development footagestay tuned!


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