Rethink Restarts for Izod IndyCar Race at St. Petersburg

2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg IndyCar Race

Indy Car & double file starts didn’t seem to mix at the inaugural Izod IndyCar race at the Honda GrandPrix of St. Petersburg this past Sunday.  Seems to end up as 4-wide tight turns, and THAT doesn’t work!  These two lane file restarts seem to be more suited for oval courses, but not best for road /street tracks!  Jeesh, 5 race cars out on the first turn & 4 cautions within the first 9 laps!  That made for exciting start/restarts for the fans, but very disappointing for the teams.

Then we have 29 year-old Danica who is whining, & is definitely not winning!

Danica Patrick thinks it's not fair!

Here’s good news abut a female racer that proved herself.  This was an impressive showing for 22 year old Simona De Silvestro.  She started from 17th & finished a solid 4th place, just one away from a podium finish…  Even more impressive, she didn’t use ANY of her 20 “push to pass” opportunities…until the final few laps.  Watching her pressuring 36 year old Tony Kanaan (TK, one of my IndyCar driver favorites) on his tail made those last few laps truly exciting.  This made for great racing action!  To me, this was the highlight of the entire race.  Racing Ready looks forward to more great action from Simona during this 2011 Izod IndyCar season.

Simona De Silvestro, Izod IndyCar Driver #78

Also, I’m glad to see TK got a solid sponsorship package from GEICO this year.  Everything has come together for his KV team SO quickly in the last couple of weeks!


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