2011 SASCA Autocross #4 – Dealing w/ Blossom

Today was the SASCA Autocross #4, at the Blossom Athletic Center parking lot.

SASCA 2011 AutoX #4 - Blossom lot pano - e

The course was designed by Chris, with fine tuning help from Vivek.

Chris & Vivek confering on a matter of autocross course design...

There was a grand representation & of makes models & a good bunch of Novices.

Novices listening attentively to Kevin, the SASCA Novice Coordnator for Autocross

Kevin did a great job of explaining the course & how to best get through it… And here’s the T-shirt to prove it!

Kevin, SASCA Novice Coordinator, explaining a key autocross driving point!

Even with the price of gas approaching $4 gallon, we had a good turnout – about 110 competitors!

1st heat morning grid of the 2011 SASCA AutoX#4

2nd midday heat grid of the 2011 SASCA AutoX#4

We had a total of 6 runs.  I should have stopped at 5.  I incrementally improved most of my first 5 runs & then completely threw away my last run, completely blowing a Chicago corner box turn… (I did about a 270 degree spin – yuck!)…

Karlino debuting the RacingReady.com colors in autocross livery!

After 2 months it was good to get in my car & stretch its (& my) legs at a competitive event.  This time I raised my tire pressures from 34/36 to 36/38, front & rear.  I think the car felt better, but it was hard to tell on the unforgiving sealed asphalt surface at the Blossom lot.  For today’s 2011 SASCA Autocross #4 results, click here.

There are now TWO cars in SASCA that autocross with AMSOIL Lubricants!!!  Thanks Eric!

In addition, Karlino helped to debut the RacingReady.com color clings that Eric debuted at the Houston SCCA National Tour, last month.

Karlino with AMSOIL Racing debuting at SASCA autocross the RacingReady.com color clings - they look sharp!

Racing Ready wonders how the rest of this autocross season is going to shake out.  My less than 1 year old tires are loosing grip, even with the even wear of the tread.  We’ll see what happens…



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