Stephen Olvey, New Medical Director of Circuit of the Americas

Circuit of the Americas (aka COTA, the world-class racing facility being built just south of Austin , TX) has just recently announced a serious appointment. The very well regarded & former CART (Championship Auto Racing Team, or Champ Car) Director of Medical Services, Steve Olvey, has just been appointed as the new Medical Director for the Circuit of the Americas.

Steve Olvey - New Director of Medical Services for Circuit of the Americas

This speaks VOLUMES as to how serious this world class this facility will be.  Mr. Olvey has been at the forefront of racing driver safety & medical care.  For example, he was instrumental in saving the life of famed, two-time  CART Champion Alex Zanardi.

This was at the September 24, 2001 race in Lausitz, Germany.  Alex was exiting the pits when his car lost control & passed into the high speed path of Alex Tagliani’s car.  This  T-bone crash took out the front end of Alex’s car & both of his legs.  Both drivers were airlifted immediately to a Berlin hospital.  What could have been a tragic loss of life was avoided by the quick thinking of then CART Medical Director Steve Olvey.  Essentially, Alex Zanardi is alive today due to Mr. Olvey’s quick thinking actions that day!

Alex Zanardi's graphic, life-altering crash in the CART race of September 24, 2001 at Lausitz, Germany

Here is what Steve Olvey had to say about his appointment:

“I jumped at the chance to be in on the ground floor of developing what promises to be one of the most advanced rapid-response trauma-care systems in the world of sports,” Olvey said in a statement.

“I believe Circuit of the Americas will become not only a center where sports injuries will be effectively treated, but also a center for research into the issues that can affect all athletes, such as concussion, spinal-cord injury and severe traumatic brain injury.”

So, Tavo Hellmund continues to lead the charge in developing this preeminent racing & other high end entertainment facility known as Circuit of the Americas.  Racing Ready has heard that, in addition to a 10 year commitment from both Formula1 & MotoGP racing, there will be 2 other race series announced later this year.

Racing Ready is waiting for the latest information to post for all of us!


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