AMSOIL: Truly Cost & Performance Effective

Using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil is truly cost effective.
Look at the examples below for the DIY consumer:

Illustrating the Cost Effectiveness of AMSOIL !Initially, I had 2 selfish reasons to want to use AMSOIL for myself:

  • only have to change my oil just once a year (I’m lazy…)
  • only have to pay (less) for the annual cost, just once per year (see the detailed example above)

Talking to people about AMSOIL, I teach how they can get the following benefits:

  • enjoy a discount at the gas pumps
  • improve your engine’s performance
  • make the environment cleaner for your children and grandchildren

If you would like to save money, improve your MPG, reduce our country’s reliance on foreign oil, and have a healthier environment, see me for a free catalog.  Better yet, ask me about becoming a FREE, no obligation 6 month  AMSOIL Preferred Customer (a trial wholesale membership).

E-mail me about becoming an AMSOIL Dealer or AMSOIL Preferred Customer – buy at wholesale!

Here’s the annual oil change I did in my garage, this past March of 2011.  Karlino was just a couple hundred miles short of 15,000 miles!

AMSOIL 15K Mile Annual Oil Change at home with Karlino

Racing Ready knows you value your car more than the average driver.  AMSOIL will help you best to protect your investment.


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