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AMSOIL makes high quality synthetic lubricants.  Part of their promotional mission is racing.  Before I became an Independent AMSOIL Dealer, I had no idea of the variety of racing series out there.  AMSOIL is involved in a great variety of racing, both 2 & 4  wheels, both on & off road, asphalt, dirt, in snow & even on water!

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Racing severely tests the ability of AMSOIL Synthetic lubricants to stand up to the mechanical & physical stresses involved.  This is illustrated & proven in a variety of different types of racing.  Click below to see the different & entertaining racing series AMSOIL proudly supports!

AMSOIL Racing Series Supported & More!

That’s quite the variety…


Here’s Bobby Unser talking about his use & success with AMSOIL Synthetic lubrication!

Racing Ready is working on more AMSOIL informational articles & AMSOIL Racing initiatives…


P.S. – Review this bonus video – TORC (The Off Road Championship) racing for the 2010 AMSOIL Cup! Just click the VIMEO image below…

TORC (The Off Road Chanpionship) - Pursuing the AMSOIL Cup

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