Save The Salt! Help The Bonneville Salt Flats

Save The Salt - Preserving Our National Treasure - The Bonneville Salt Flats

Help to save the Bonneville Salt Flats! I had no idea that our national land speed record venue was in danger of fading away.  These folks have done a nice job of documenting the issues at hand & helping to drive a fundraising initiative.

The Bonneville Salt Flats - Save The Salt

Time is of the essence, so please visit their website when you can.  I would hate to read in the news of the closure of our salt flats to future land speed record attempts!

Save The Salt Coalition!

I wanted you to know that this is an issue & it’s good to see something is being done about it!  I’m sure you share that sentiment.  Racing Ready supports this coalition…


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  1. I bought a Save the salt t-shirt when I was in Bonneville in 2009. I would love to buy more to support the cause. Can u tell me how and where to buy more. There was just a caravan at the salt when I was there. Thanks, I am from australia by the way!!

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