Wild Bubba’s Formula1 Meet, Greet & Eat

The Formula 1 Event of the Year for Texas!

This is a must attend event for those of you interested in the Formula1 Austin USGP (United States Grand Prix) at COTA (Circuit of The Americas)!  This is being brought to you by Wyman “Wild Bubba” Gilliam.

Wyman 'Wild Bubba' Gilliam

The announcement this past week of the June 17 2012 date for the 1st United States Grand Prix at the new Circuit of the Americas track outside Austin Texas is just one more step in the process. $450 million US Dollars have been committed to build and finish out the facility. Construction is proceeding at maximum speed. More personnel have been hired. Other events such as MotoGP have been added to the calendar and many more are in early planning stages. Formula 1 fans across the Americas and indeed the world are making hotel reservations and putting travel plans in place to be here in person for the first race.

Central Texans can hardly believe their good luck. Local enthusiasts are accelerating their appreciation for F1 and get together as a group to watch every race. The first tour of the track is being offered to fans this week. Wild Bubbas Wild Game Grill in Speed City Texas (administratively known as Elroy Texas,  it is the actual home of the new track) is the defacto hangout for fans and includes a growing shrine of images, videos and memorabilia. Located in Elroy next to the track, you never know who you will sit down next to for lunch or dinner (for our most recent visit there, it was a table of Tilke engineers!!).

In appreciation, Wild Bubba’s is offering a free gathering with complementary German food and BYOB beer. This will be an absolutely unique experience, your chance to socialize with enthusiasts from all around – and maybe even meet a special someone who shares a few common interests with you! More people have met their special someone at these events than all of the best biker dating websites out there combined, so we highly recommend it if you’re looking to meet someone. RSVP by email as shown in the invitation below. And if you need a hotel, choose one near the Austin Airport.

Wild Bubba's Meet, Greet & Eat, June 11, 2011

Racing Ready WILL be in attendance!  Hope to see you there…


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