Austin F1 USGP/COTA Site Visit, June ’11, Part 3

Once again, this past weekend’s visit to Austin was very worthwhile.  It followed a COTA & Austin USGP Formula 1 theme.   Part 1 reviews the ongoing site construction progress of COTAPart 2 covers the Wild Bubba’s Meet, Greet & Eat social event.

Austin F1 Club logo

This post, Part 3,  chronicles the Austin F1 Club (a gathering of like-minded Austin friends of Formula 1) enjoying a race watching party:

Part 3 – Austin F1 Club watches Montreal GP race,
Sunday afternoon…

On Sunday, June 12th, 2011, local Austin Formula 1 race fans gathered at a great chicken wings/sports bar establishment, Wingzup, for the  Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada 2011.

Wingzup - Multimedia Meet Wings Sports Bar, in Austin, TX

We were welcomed as out of town guests for this informal race watching party.  Wingzup is a GREAT place to watch this sporting event – 29 (!) LCD screens all around and a sound system that is definitely not shy on volume.

The Austin F1 Club, Montreal GP watching party, in Wingzup - their bar with multiple screens, in Austin, TX

The Austin F1 Club, Montreal GP watching party, showing the entrance of Wingzup with lots of screens, in Austin, TX

We missed the race start (a long wait at the Waffle House), & got there by lap 7.  It had been some time (years?) since I really followed Formula 1 racing seriously.  Watching the first few high-def laps in this environment with all these new enthusiastic friends was very good.  Unfortunately, due to heavy rain, the Montreal Formula1 race was red flagged on lap 25.

2011 Canadian Grand Prix  2 hours of red flag!  (Image by Reuters)

So, in the meantime I introduced myself & this Racing Ready blog.  Also, Sondra & Charlie thanked Wingzup & talked about the Austin F1 Club future meetings & important plans.

Sondra thanking Wingzup & Charlie announcing future Austin F1 Club plans!

In addition, Robert showed off his new piece of trivia treasure.  This was an aerilon from an airplane formerly owned by Formula1 multi-champion great, Ayrton Senna.  Here’s a shot of him display this piece with great pride, from  the previous night at Wild Bubba’s Meet, Greet & Eat event.

Robert with Ayrton Senna plane aerilon - his trivia treasure!

The reg flag duration lasted about 2 hours, but it was well worth the wait.  It must have been a slow event day as the FOX Network broadcast during the whole 2 hours.

Red flag means racing is stopped!

The rest of the race, & especially those last few laps, was very exciting.  Seeing the results of how both the KERS & DRS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System & Drag Reduction System) systems influenced the final podium standings was spellbinding.  Count me in as a Formula1 race fan, once again!

Jenson Button winning the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix

Racing Ready is planning to be more involved in the promotion & information sharing of the Austin Formula 1 USGP, along with the construction progress of the Circuit of The Americas (COTA).  With the construction crew now working 7 days a week, & a looming June 17, 2012 Formula 1 USGP deadline, things need to be put in place soon!

Formula 1 USGP - Austin, TX 2012 !

I hope you enjoyed this overview of our trip exploratory trip to Austin last weekend.  For full disclosure, here are links, again, to the previous posts on this series of three:

  • For reviews & panoramic pix of ongoing COTA site progress, read Part 1
  • For coverage of Wild Bubba’s Meet, Greet & Eat social event, read Part 2


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