2011 Southwest Solo Divisional #2, at Retama

2011 Southwest Solo Divisional #2

SCCA 2011 SW Solo Divisioal #2 @ Retama Park, Selma, TX

With all my recent posts about Formula 1 in Austin, you may think I have forgotten about autocross.  That’s far from the truth.  But Karlino‘s tires are no longer up for hard charging autocross events.  Current priorities dictate that tires will have to wait…  🙁

Anyway, this weekend is the 2011 Southwest Solo Divisional #2, at the Retama Park lot.  It’s being put on by SASCA, here in San Antonio, Texas.  Here’s the event map:

Retama Park - 2011 Southwest Solo Divisional #2 Google Map

Racing Ready plans just on making a couple of cameo, blogger duty appearances.  I have other events I am obligated to attend – a busy weekend.  If you can, swing on by this autocross event to spectate.  You will see some champion caliber competition.

Horse Crazy - 2011 SCCA SW Div Solo T-shirt

One of the unique & great things about a Solo Divisional event is there are 2 courses; one on Saturday & a different one on Sunday.  That makes it double the fun.  As always, guests are free to come by to watch & enjoy.


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