Proof I’m Too Tall For Formula 1 Racing

Bummer for me & for Ken Block!  That rules out a career choice for me as a Formula 1 racer car driver.  Oh well, hopefully this Formula 1 test drive gets sorted out for Mr. Monster Gymkhana driver, Ken Block.

Toyota’s ex-F1 car, the TF109 - last used in the F1 racing season of 2009

Gymkhana star and X Games rally competitor Ken Block is supposed to test Pirelli’s ex-Toyota Formula One test car at Italy’s Monza circuit in August, but the 43-year-old appears to have a problem: He’s too tall.
Ken Block illustrating the steep banking at the old race track at Monza, Italy.

According to a report by the U.K.’S Autosport, Block–who also competes in the World Rally Championship–on Thursday arrived at Toyota Motorsport’s base in Germany for a seat fitting and other preliminary items, only to find he does not fit in the car. According to Autosport, the six-foot-two-inch Block managed to squeeze into the cockpit, but there was no room left for him to turn the steering wheel.

Toyota and Pirelli are believed to be investigating alternatives that will allow Block to perform his demonstration run as planned.

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Therefore, Racing Ready assumes that 6’2″ (my height, as well) is just outside the normal tallness range for world-class competitive racers.  But then again, people still marvel that I can fit into my 1999 Mazda Miata, Karlino!

Dan's Miata Exit Technique - how graceful ! ! !

I will say that, I think this is actually the first time I’ve been jealous of shorter people…


P. S. – Maybe they can take a page from Mario Andretti’s dual cockpit IndyCar racer… 😉

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