Why Watch Formula 1? 10 Good Geeky Reasons

I saw this article “10 Geeky Reasons You Should Be Watching Formula One” from GeekDad on wired.com & thought it appropriate to post here:

Scuderia Ferrari F1 race car steering wheel, circa 2011 - Umm, enee, menee, mynee, moe...

Here is my version, heavily paraphrased & significantly edited for length.  Go to the full article for all the specifics:

Tech geeks play a significant role
in making Formula 1 happen!

Halfway through the 2011 Formula One World Championship season, this weekend is the Grand Prix of Germany.  Did you know that the vast quantity of people watching this sport is only surpassed every 4 years by the World Cup, or the Olympics?

  1. The engineers are as important as the athletes.
  2. Science!
  3. Teams know the importance of a good computer.
  4. They create some really cool technology.
  5. It captures the best of science fiction & fantasy.
  6. The athletes are superhuman.
  7. It filters technology, like NASA.
  8. Beam me up.
  9. Movie geeks are discovering F1’s draw.
  10. You don’t want to be a backmarker.

Jump to the front of the pack now. After a five year absence, Formula One will be returning to the United States next year. The track and its supporting infrastructure, which is now under construction in Austin, Texas, will be an incredibly modern facility, packed with incredible technology and provide a state-of-the-art experience for spectators.

Proposed site for Formula 1 Racing in Austin 2012

The track facility, The Circuit of The Americas, draws from some of the finest corners in the world and has drawn favorable reviews for its Hermann Tilke design.

Racing Ready approves this list!


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