Possible Austin F1 USGP Date Change Pending

2012 Formula 1

Here’s hot & welcome news excerpts just off the press from autosport.com:

2012 Formula 1 Calendar Set for Major Overhaul

By Jonathan Noble

Although the FIA published its version of the 2012 schedule at its most recent meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council last month, it is understood that Ecclestone has undertaken a major reshuffle in the plans for next year.

As well as that, there was some concern in the United States about the possibility of hosting the new race in Austin in June – when very high temperatures could prove troublesome for drivers, teams and spectators.

Sources have revealed that Ecclestone has now finalised his major reorganisation of the calendar, which he has given to the teams for them to highlight any issues they have.

Ecclestone’s plans for the calendar remain provisional, but if teams do not complain about any major logistical dramas then it could be submitted to the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council for ratification later this year.

Here’s the full article!

Racing Ready, & many others, have been hoping the June 17, 2012 pending Austin F1 USGP race date would be moved.  Sometime in October is a more weather friendly fall date.  We shall see!  Stay tuned for more…


*UPDATE* – This came out in today’s (July 29, 2011) Austin American-Statesman newspaper website.

Here’s 3 excerpted quotes:

– Austin’s inaugural Formula One race in 2012 might be getting a new date one that could set up one of the biggest, wildest weeks in Austin’s sporting history. Imagine the city’s first Grand Prix, which could attract as many as 120,000 fans on a Sunday, followed a few days later by a Thanksgiving Day Texas-Texas A&M football game.

– Further, the traditional Texas-Texas A&M game is scheduled in 2012 for Nov. 22: Thanksgiving Day.

– Formula One, Longhorns and Aggies — it could be one memorable week in November 2012.

Here’s the full article link:

WOW!  We’ll all be looking forward to November 18th, 2012!!!


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