It’s Like A Car Museum You Can Buy From!

Classic Cars to Drool Over & Actually Buy

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I was able to travel back in time, in an automotive history sort of way.  It was an emotional experience.  On I-35, just south of New Braunfels, TX, is this large warehouse type of building, with big plate glass windows in front.  They are A&E Classic Cars.  This business teases as to its potential with only 6 cars being shown off outside, in front.

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner - Displayed outside of A&E Classic Cars

By the way, please do yourself a favor & click on these images to to get a more life-like, bigger view.  It’s still not the same as being there…but it IS better!

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner - Here's the information & price, at A&E Classic Cars

With these cars as an appetizer, they simply aren’t enough to prepare you for what pleasure awaits instead.  Going through the open front double doors, you are greeted with this…

A&E Classic Cars Showroom - this is a grand entrance that will stop you in your tracks!

WOW!  A few steps in I was physically moved to just stop,  stare & gape.  I was  surrounded by car car history.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  It was like being in a museum where you chose all the dream cars of your youth.  They were there on display, & this was all with NO admission fee!

Awesome Custom Rods at A&E Classic Cars

To make it SO much better, with only a couple of exceptions (unlike a museum),  you can walk up to the cars, stick your head inside & really appreciate the history  right within your reach!

I made a comment to to one of the their staff, James, that I was wondering if they provided handkerchiefs to wipe up all the drool.  He stated that my response was very common.  🙂

A&R Classic Cars - the Owner's Customs (note the modern headlights...)

These pictures that I took cannot do justice to the surreal experience of being there to soak it all in.

Street Rod vs. Muscle Cars, all very desireable at A&E Classic Cars!

There are 70’s era Muscle Cars & different kinds of pickup trucks – all shiny!

At the other end of the age scale are wonderful representations of American craftsmanship, such as this 1927 Buick Master Coupe.  This car was stripped down to its barest components, put on a rotisserie & completely rebuilt, or better yet, remanufactured.  It was so awesome that I gawked at it, into it & crawled around under it.  Check the pix!

1927 Buick - this is a brand new, old classic for sale at A&E Classic Cars!

1927 Buick - ready for your purchase, at A&E Classic Cars

1927 Buick - spotless, like new interior, at A&E Classic Cars

1927 Buick - like factory new, engine oil pan & front suspension linkage detail, at A&E Classic Cars

1927 Buick - pristine undercarriage, front-right wheel suspension detail, at A&E Classic Cars

Sadly, all good experiences must end.  Here’s the view as you head back out front, into the South Texas sunshine & heat…

A&E Classic Cars - exiting back outside to the front...

Racing Ready is visiting Austin & the environs of the Circuit of The Americas, on a regular basis.  Stopping by A&E Classics every once in awhile to see what’s new will now be an occasional part of the trip.  If you can’t make it in person, go to the A&E Classic Cars website.  They provide very interesting descriptions & the car’s histories, along with a great variety of quality pictures.


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