COTA Highway FM812 Paving Expansion Progress

On my way back from the Six Lounge GP race viewing party, I stopped by the Circuit of The Americas (COTA).  It has been 1 week since they started the paving expansion of the shoulders.  So far, they’ve gotten most of the 3/10th of  a mile section directly in front of the main track entrance completed.

Highway FM 812 Lanes Expansion at COTA, off in the distance...

It’s just a start.  More details in this article of the FM 812 Road Improvements

Highway FM 812 Expansion, in front of COTA entrance!

According to this article, the start of “vertical construction” might be held back due to this delayed road work.  See the geographic details in this map below.

FM 812 Pavement Expansion, by COTA entrance

Racing Ready continues to monitor COTA construction progress for you…


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