Chevy Volt & NasKarts – ULTRA Fuel Efficient & WOW Fast

Chevy Volt logo bling

As I alluded to in my previous post here, this Chevy Fast & Fuel Efficient event was going to be interesting & it turned into an eye opener!  But I had NO idea…

Chevy Volt - front 3/4 studio image view


NasKarts from the OnTrackXperience, Thunderhill Raceway, Kyle, TX

To say to least, I was MOVED in at least 2 ways:

  • First, the technological prowess of the Chevy Volt, both lean & full of linear torque pulling power, surging through through a quiet and solid chassis (debuted at Chuck Nash Auto Group, San Marcos, Texas).
  • In contrast, pushing myself beyond my point of confidence to go faster, with the raw & on the edge control of racing NasKarts at speed at On Track Xperience (at Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle, Texas).

But, I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Last week my e-mail revealed this Chevy Texas event via the SPOKES Club, from its President, Rick Martinez.  The Chevy Texas is project is promoted by the firm Fleishman-Hillard (F-H).  They work in public relations and integrated marketing communications.  I let that e-mail languish in my inbox for a couple of days & did not act upon it till Sondra Sondregger inspired me to action – thanks Sondra!  I was contacted by Katrina Steffensen of F-H & was invited to participate!

Here’s a candid shot of Katrina & videographer Rhea (sorry it’s blurry).

Rhea & Katrina candid shot in OTX garage, at Thunderhill Raceway, Kyle, TX

Due to our mutually busy activities of Chevy Volt hypermiling & NasKart racing, I don’t have a good assortment of pix & video to share, as yet.  They will be forthcoming in a near future blog post.  For now, here’s a couple of phone pix taken by Katrina & I.

The 3 Chevy Volts parked outside OTX, at Thunderhill Raceway, Kyle, TX

This is a group shot of the Driver/Blogger Teams, before racing the NasKarts:
Jeff, Racing Ready Dan, Russ, Chris, Aaron & David.

Drivers & Bloggers ready to hit the track, for the OTX NasKart Experience!

Here’s Jeff (my partner in this competition), all suited up & very ready to run a NasKart race session.  He currently participates in a NasKarts Racing League at OTX.  Jeff definitely knows his way around the track!

Jeff Warden (my Chevy FFE Team Partner) very NasKart Ready!

Fleishman-Hillard had a variety of in car cameras & video equipment.  I felt like I was in a reality TV series – LOL!.  This is the kind of footage I’m waiting on for a more detailed blog post about this event.

Video interview by Rhea, of Blogger Aaron & Driver David...

Racing Ready will provide more details, soon, about what & how we did this Chevy Fast & Fuel Efficient event.  Thanks for your patience & anticipation!


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