BBC Sport Version of Austin F1 Coulthard Video

BBC Sport – Coulthard Drives Off-Road
on New Circuit of The Americas

This is the BBC version of footage depicting David Coulthard & the F1 Team Red Bull crew descending upon Austin this past summer.  Although it’s not as slick as the highly edited Red Bull video, I like it better as it has a LOT more fulfilling content.  It’s very enjoyable & informative!

Coulthard drives off-road on new Circuit of The Americas - by BBC Sport

Visit this BBC Sport site to open & view their 5 & 1/2 minute video.  You will get a good review of some of the very interesting personalities behind the USGP Formula 1 coming to Austin next year.  🙂

In addition, this was the exciting buildup of information surrounding the filming & preparation of the original Red Bull Racing Team Austin F1 video – some good snippets here that you won’t see in either of the other 2 videos!

San Antonio F1Club - Celebrating the Formula 1 Fiesta!

Racing Ready is stoked about F1 racing coming to Austin.  We’re SO so enthused, in fact, there is in formation a new San Antonio F1 Club that is gaining traction, here!  This is a grassroots effort to bring together like-minded fans, to have F1 race watching parties & much – follow here for more information!


San Antonio F1 Club - Celebrating the Formula One Fiesta!

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