Is This COTA’s Last Chance For Austin USGP?

Like you, I’m concerned & given in to ultimately accept that there will be no Formula 1 circus showing up in Austin in less than 1 year from now.  I will have to admit this makes me sad.

A pensive Formula 1 honcho, Bernie Ecclestone...

But then, I was appreciably surprised by Bernie Ecclestone’s announcement today.  He is giving Circuit of The Americas (COTA) an additional 1 week deadline extension, to sign & pay for the Austin USGP 10 year contract.  Bernie, who is the Formula 1 commercial rights manager, summed it up with this short phrase:

They need to get some money and a pen as soon as possible.  They know full well.


They are trying to do it.  It would be a loss to everyone (if it didn’t happen).

I’m not sure I’ve seen this “humble” display from Bernie, actually changing his mind with this extension.  It seems unlike his his normal modus operandi.  Once again, we will have to run another roller-coaster week of emotions, hoping not to be disappointed by next week’s December 7th meeting of the the World Motor Sport Council.

Racing Ready would REALLY like some closure on all of this, as I’m sure would you!  More patience…


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