Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill, MazdaMovement Meet ‘n Greet a Success

Welcome to Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill sign

Yesterday dawned cold & blustery, but that did not deter at least 82 Mazda enthusiasts.  We gathered at the newly rechristened Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill to meet fellow Mazda enthusiasts.

H2R parking lot MAZDA variety

H2R Parking lot for MazdaMovement, SKYACTIV Event - Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill

Partial view of new H2R Garages shot

There was a great variety of Mazda daily drivers & racers in the H2R parking – everything from an early 70’s vintage RX-3 to the new, surprisingly hot & fun-to-drive Mazda 2.

Vintage, early 1970's MAZDA RX-3 - first rotary in the USA!

I found out about this event last month & blogged about the invitation. Upon registration in the clubhouse, we were greeted by Mazda dealer & corporate staff.  They also had new 2012 Mazda 3 car models & information promoting their new SKYACTIV Technology (click to enlarge for details!).

SKYACTIV Technology Promo, onsite at Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill

SKYACTIV Technology banner

SKYACTIV Technology - 40 MPG Worth Driving & FUN!

This was the first event of what promises to be a great partnership between Harris Hill Road & Roger Beasley Mazda of Austin, Texas.  This partnership has been in the works for many months & had just been formally announced recently.  The event was coordinated by, facilitated by regional rep Ryan Whitt, from Killeen, Texas.  Unfortunately, MazdaMovement founder Heath Patterson was not able to attend.  He promises to be at the next event being planned for next Spring – can’t wait! website banner

Bo Rivers, H2R President & owner, conducted the initial safety/instructional “things you need to know about track driving conduct” class.  After provided coffee & donuts, we were to start the day doing enthusiastic “parade laps”.  Below you see me piloting Karlino, my trusty Mazda Miata steed!

Karlino at speed at H2R - Photo courtesy of Penny Burt

These are laps of the track that start out at about 6 to 7/10ths of optimal racing speed.  Due to these slower speeds, we were not required to don helmets.  These laps were conducted in a lead-follow format, lead by an instructor & followed by 3 guest/wannabe racers like me!

Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill, MazdaMovement - prepartions & anticipation at the paddock

After having worked up an appetite with all that at-speed activity, we were treated to a full tilt Texas BBQ, catered by Milt’s Pit BBQ.  Coming in from the cold, we all enjoyed the good food & fixin’s…

Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill, MazdaMovement BBQ lunch in the H2R Clubhouse

Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill, MazdaMovement BBQ lunch in the H2R Clubhouse, another shot

In the afternoon, participants watched the crazy activity of drifting cars around the track.  It was entertaining, to say the least, but my opinion about drifting is, what’s the point?  In addition, those of us who wanted more were able to partake in Right Seat Track Rides.  This was a full-on passenger experience, on the track at full speed.  Upon the exit from each car, everybody had a WIDE grin on their face.

Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill, the MazdaMovement event - getting ready to get to track & go drifting...

Racing Ready enjoys these uncommon events for the common man.  We look forward to future events of this type of fast fun from the folks at Mazda Raceway at Harris Hill!


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  1. Very nice article & pics, thanks for posting. It really was a great event, I can’t wait for the next one in the spring.

  2. Dan, really great to see you out there, nice job on the post. We had a blast and appreciate you being there as a part of the best Mazda enthusiast community on the planet! DJ

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