Humbled by SASCA 2012 Autocross #2

For me, 6 opportunities was not enough to get a good run from today’s autocross course.  In fact, I’ll say I did lousy, with my first 3 runs resulting in succeedingly slower runs each time.  To say I was frustrated (& humbled) is an understatement, especially after really enjoying my perceived success during last month’s SASCA autocross.

Karlino, awaiting to compete at the SASCA AutoX 2012 #2

John (with guided expertise from SASCA VP Chris & Pres Ricky) put together a challenging course with his first foray into autocross course design.  He included 2 very different chicanes connected by a frustrating (to me) long, right-hand sweeper that was open to a variety of racing line interpretations.  That quick left-hand pin turn caught many of us out, as well.  I will say it was a good track layout – fine job John, on your first course!

SASCA AutoX 2012 #2 - At the trailer, waiting to walk the course...

Competitors waiting to do a coursewalk at the SASCA AutoX 2012 #2

That was the effect that today’s 2nd 2012 SASCA (San Antonio Sports Car Association) Autocross had on me.  It seems most of my fellow competitors were in less of a funk than I & many enjoyed the challenge.  Oh well, it was a well-run event & we had great weather.  The event started in the predawn darkness in the mid-40’s & got into the comfortable high, sunny 60’s plus.

Novices listening to Jason at the SASCA AutoX 2012 #2

The previous 2 days of rain did a nice job of clearing the dusty parking lot surface.  But contrarily it pooled up trailings of fine gravel that caught out me (& others) if you went off the main, developing race line.  Even with course workers brooming off the majority of said gravel, being in the first run group left to us the task of blowing out a relatively clear path.  PANTS! caught my drama with this shot! 🙂

Karlino & I drifting thru post rain gravel, at the SASCA AutoX 2012 #2 - Thanks PANTS!!!

Here’s some general views of the Retama Park site & some of the cones, out there…

SASCA AutoX 2012 #2 - Grid

SASCA AutoX 2012 #2 - Start & Finish panorama shot

SASCA AutoX 2012 #2 - Start

Today’s autocross course taught me that this sport continuously challenges you.  It confirms that no matter what level of equipment you bring to the track (which is newly designed each time), working on that ‘nut behind the wheel’ is the ultimate experience in realizing you still have SO much more to learn.

Karlino with competitors on grid, at the SASCA AutoX 2012 #2

Karlino's tortured, daily driver street autocross!

Racing Ready looks forward to the SASCA 2012 AutoX #3 event, scheduled to take place next month at Retama Park, on Sunday, March 4, 2012.  Till then, I’ll lick my (Karlino‘s) tortured daily driver tires’ wounds, eat humble pie & see what next month’s event brings…


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  1. For me the hardest line to figure out was the hairpin left hand into the long sweeping right. I think I had 6 different lines and non of them felt right. That probably stresses the fact that my times were so inconsistent.

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