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For all sorts of information about the interaction of Formula 1, Circuit of The Americas (CoTA) & other motorsports-related activities in the Austin & South/Central Texas area, this is the podcast (weekly, more or less) you will need to listen to.  Go to:  http://speedcitypodcast.com

Red Bull F1 (with David Coulthard) at Turn 8, in 2011!

Les & Jon do a great job of describing automotive/racing happenings, they even mention the SAF1C race watch parties! (Select podcast #5, 22:12 in…)  Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

Jon and Les are pure and absolute motorsports nuts who consume anything motorsports related.  From month to month our focus shifts to the current hot topic, whether it is worldwide or centric to Central Texas.

Both have participated as drivers and spectators numerous times in motorsporting events, be they club, private or open to the public. On any given day, during our non-corporate hours, we can be found wrenching on something fun, learning about new technology, attending car/bike shows or watching races.

In our pod casts, we will do our best to provide reliable information, as we become aware of it.  We will reference direct quotes and legitimate media sources as the source. We are not here to perpetuate rumors or make inflammatory statements, neither are we lawyers!

We hope you enjoy our pod cast and look forward to hearing from you after you have listened to them.

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