CoTA 3-Day Passes Ticketing Survey

I recently participated in Circuit of The America‘s 3-Day Passes Ticketing Applied Surveys.  After having tried to exhaust the PSL (personal seating license) scheme, they are now trying for the “low hanging fruit”.

CoTA - Please Complete a Brief Survey

Here are the comments I submitted along with my survey answers:

I have been planning for this event for almost 2 years now, first blogging about it at & now facilitating a Formula 1 race watch party series via

Besides the grassy areas for General Admission, I would like to be able to wander around the track during those 3 days & not be restricted to JUST those 3 grassy areas.  My plan has been to gather further photographic, & interview data to publish on my blogs.  This will be to further promote the sport, as well as the current & upcoming events planned at Circuit of The Americas.

Also, you make no mention of any sort of Pit Pass access – is that not open to any sort of consideration?  And what of the different buildings’ access, accompanied with the different pricing levels?  This almost feels like we are being subjected to a caste system of ticketing!

I hope you are well represented at the upcoming Formula Expo.  I’m sure I, as well as many other passionate F1 fans, will be plying you with many of these & other pressing questions.  Please be prepared…

Remember, grassroots race fans (many of whom are amateur racers, themselves) might not be able to pay the higher ticket amounts you are proposing.  But they have a STRONG online voice that will strongly influence what many prospective fans will think of Circuit of The Americas & its future successful growth.

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Thank you – RACE ON!

One way or the other, I’m planning on being there.  I’d really like to be represented as some sort of contributing blogger, but they might consider me small potatoes.  I’m sure this impression would be better & more positive if Tavo Hellmund was still truly part of all this!

We’ll see if this might rustle some CoTA feathers – we here at Racing Ready shall see…


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