Hot Red SAAB – Major Turbocharging Delivery

My day job is on an Army base.  Army personnel have a reputation of enjoying fun, sporty cars, being the young gentleman (mostly) that they are.  Part of their duty involves moving to different parts of the country/world. This makes taking along a vehicle a hassle sometimes.  Our base has a small parking lot called the “Lemon Lot”.  Sometimes I visit to see the variety of interesting cars, trucks & motorcycles displayed for sale there. They occasionally have RVs, boats & other unique/oddball modes of transport, as well.

Karlino reviewing the Lemon Lot sports car assortment...

Driving by, one day, I quickly glanced & saw a red, modified sports sedan.  From a distance I thought maybe it was a some sort of a souped up Mitsubishi or Subaru sedan. Upon closer inspection I was pleasantly surprised to see a highly modified SAAB!

Such modification in the pursuit of a fast SAAB 9-3

Plenty of breathing & cooling mods on this SAAB 9-3

I don’t know about you, but, I think I’d move out of the way if I saw this Red Hot SAAB 9-3 bearing down on me…

You'd think twice if you saw this SAAB 9-3 in your mirror!

SAABs, for the most part, are already turbocharged.  This one had a massive air-to-air intercooler, larger & more aggressive wheels & tires, tightened up suspension, & a cat back performance muffler.

Performance cat back plumbing on this SAAB 9-3

By the look of the auxiliary gauges on the dash, I’m sure the the turbo was much larger than stock, as well as other go-fast goodies under the hood.

This SAAB 9-3 cockpit means business!

Flyin' SAAB 9-3 with rear wing...

I have no idea what the mileage & drivetrain condition of this SAAB was.  So, who knows what whether a $8750 is a decent asking price.  All I can say is, caveat emptor – let the buyer beware.  You can see the seller’s list of mods:

Racing Ready is always on the lookout to showcase unique performance vehicles.


P. S. – Don’t bother to inquire about his car, it’s no longer on the lot – I’m guessing the owner had already sold it…

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  1. So just out of curiosity there is no way to contact this guy I got a saab of my own, its a 2002 saab 9-3 SE and am looking to give better performance and look but dont know where to start and this guy looks like he could help.

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