American Le Mans Series to Race at CoTA™

ALMS racing action, soon to arrive in South-Central Texas at CoTA!
American Le Mans Series
Presented by Tequila Patrón
Becomes Newest Series to Race
Circuit of The Americas™

Global Leader in Green Racing Joins Circuit Lineup
(Click here for the CoTA Press Release)

ALMS racing at Mazda Raceway - Laguna Seca

Having the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) racing at Circuit of The Americas, had been a forgone conclusion since all of this began with CoTA.  So this announcement finally seals it!  I thought this would have been announced sooner.  This was when Patron Tequila key investor John Paul DeJoria (internationally known co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems) announced his investment participation with CoTA, back on May 10, 2012.

Patron Tequila ALMS Race Car

Racing Ready is now waiting for something official to happen, officially, with Moto GP‘s commitment to CoTA participation.  But, I think, we will have to wait for Tavo Hellmund to come to terms with both Bobby Epstein & Red McCombs.  I’m sorry to say, I’m not holding my breath on that happening soon.  🙁


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One thought on “American Le Mans Series to Race at CoTA™”

  1. Dan..That’s good news! More racing…more often! Won’t be taking my trip up until wheel chair accommodations have been completed.

    Ali said, as things stand now, it wouldn’t be an enjoyable trip without compliance additions. I can wait..don’t want to, but can do! I’ll take pics for you when we go!



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