CoTA Progress Witnessed, w/Exclusive Trackside Comparison Images

Saturday, I was able to visit Wild Bubba’s Wild Game Grill, along with Michael Cox, Business Manager of KHP Consulting.  KHP handles an integral role of getting together & coordinating the logistics for Formula 1 events.  In this case, they are acting as a coordinating liaison between the Formula 1 machine & Circuit of The Americas (CoTA).

KHP Consulting logo

KHP will work with Circuit of The Americas’ marketing, public relations and guest services departments, to develop innovative programs and accommodation, promoting positive experiences for teams, drivers and fans.

“Opening a new Grand Prix venue and preparing for the tens of thousands of race fans and national and international media representatives that will attend a F1 event takes careful planning and execution,” said Julie Loignon, vice president of public and community relations for Circuit of The Americas.  “KHP has significant expertise upon which our management team can draw, and the consulting firm’s years of experience serving the F1 community will be invaluable to us as we move quickly towards our grand opening this fall.”

I met Michael last August, when he made an anticipatory visit to South/Central Texas. You can read here about what he experienced.  Today I introduced him to Wild Bubba (aka Wyman Gilliam).  We were able to share F1 event “how to” questions & possible expected logistical present & future plans.  We also enjoyed antelope burgers – VERY good!

Wild Bubba, Michael Cox of KHP & Racing Ready Dan at the Wild Game Grill - 2012-07-14

We also were able to see new developments of CoTA & the environs.  Quite a bit has changed since I took pictures in June of 2011.  Here’s 2 “then & now” pix for you to enjoy.  These will allow you to appreciate the great progress CoTA has achieved & some of the views (& viewing areas from the nearby General Admission areas).

CoTA view comparison, Turn 11 - June 2011 to July 2012

– AND –

CoTA view comparison, Turns 10 & 12 plus - June 2011 to July 2012

With about 4 months to go till the Austin F1 USGP debuts on November 18th, there is still a lot to complete.  Most of the track circuit has had the 1st (of three) layers of asphalt paved.  Although we were not able to actually be onsite at CoTA, the activities documented on the Web, along with conversations with those in the know, all of this will come to fruition in a timely manner.

Racing Ready grows more excited in anticipation of this new, world-class, motorsports event to come.  Austin & CoTA will pull this all off well & will continue to improve in subsequent years.


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3 thoughts on “CoTA Progress Witnessed, w/Exclusive Trackside Comparison Images”

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  2. Dan,Do you know if The Circuit of the Americas will be offering sales of any F1 fan apprael?I was hoping to be able to buy a hat/cap with their logo on it.Please let me know if you find out anything.Thanks,Stephen R. Gray(Fan of Lewis Hamilton)

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